Art and hardware come together to create the keyboard Keyboardio Model 01, a structural and artisan built with natural wood keyboard and LED lights. Normally, we do not pay much attention to keyboards. They are utilitarian devices to give instruction to our computers. But how would it be if the keyboards were works of art, precious things that also work to write? That’s the concept behind Keyboardio Model 0 , a single keyboard that has a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

At a glance you’ll notice that the Keyboardio Model 01 is different. Many of us have seen keyboards divided into two parts, but had never seen one like this. The material in Keyboard Model 01 is in the form of a butterfly and is made of maple wood with soft flowing hoops behind the keys. LED lights inside each key can be programmed.

The keys are mechanical, and the creators of the Keyboardio Model 01 said they are similar to those that were in the original Apple II. Each key is custom built. The keyboard is QWERTY, but the keys are stretched over the frame like waves in a sea. The product description is very poetic, comparing the keyboard to a musical instrument. The Keyboardio Model 01 is not only static there on the desk – it is dynamic. It may be smooth, divided up in the middle or adjustable sitting as a user preference as a writing tripod. People who wish to draw attention to the keys will love the LED lights with backlight.

The keyboard seems to be more a work of modern art, which is one reason why the project has already raised US $ 250,000 in funding, much of its original target of US $ 120,000 and still has less than three weeks for closing campaign.

Keyboardio makes it clear that the Model 01 will not be ideal for everyone because it will take some time to adjust to type on the keyboard split-design. “Typically, most people get used to the way the keyboard like ours feels in just a couple of hours, but the mastery of this keyboard will take about one or two months,” wrote Keyboardio.

If this does not make you change your mind you fall in love the unique style and flowing lines of the Model 01, you can contribute $ 299 to receive one in April 2016. The only problem is you have to also change your computer and accessories so that they can reach the size of your new keyboard.